The Sound of the Moment VIII

The best of current music according to me, featuring a mixture of popular releases and lesser-known recent tracks. 

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Wolf Alice – Sadboy

The North London collective return with Sadboy, the new single from their latest album ‘Visions of a Life’. The beginning of the video sees the band head to a party in Halloween costumes as chiming guitar sounds echo around, before the noises become distinctly heavy in the song’s truly bizarre, more experimental second half. Given previous singles Beautifully Unconventional and Don’t Delete the Kissesthis new song is an effective (and somewhat scary) reminder of the fact that few current British bands can fashion as unique a mood for every new song as Wolf Alice do.

George Ezra – Pretty Shining People

The honorary Bristolian whose voice sounds as though it has been sent from the 1950s here delivers an optimistic burst of song while decked out in old-fashioned gear next to a karaoke machine. No, I’m not joking. In two more recent songs he does much the same thing. Once it gets going, the sheer joy of this tune sets it apart from Ezra’s more recently released songs in my view. If you are in need of something light and uplifting as Spring dawns, this could be just the ticket. Ezra’s new album ‘Staying at Tamara’s’ is released today.

Lissie – Best Days 

Best Days, a new offering from the American songstress born Elisabeth Maurus, scans like a motivational anthem of sorts, and that is no bad thing. The video features Lissie herself alongside various other individuals, each facing off the past in a mirror in dramatic fashion. Powered by the artist’s very strong voice, the song rollicks along at pace and it would not be a surprise to find yourself headbanging at some point. Lissie’s new album ‘Castles’ will also be out today.

Beach House – Dive

N.B: Flashing images in video.

This second single from the American dream pop band’s new output continues in the vein of extremely chilled music that you can lose yourself in à la M83. Dive, as per previous single Lemon Glowis full of synths and visually accompanied by some very trippy visuals, but also adds in atmospheric echoing guitar twangs. The unexpected change of tempo halfway through is a pleasant surprise, and one which could well shake you out of any lethargy and make you feel ready to take on the world. Their next album ‘7’ will be released on 11th May.

Lily Allen – Three

The London singer-songwriter is in her element with this frank, emotional slice-of-life song, which comes from the perspective of her three-year-old daughter. It has the same tenderness and feeling of real truth about it as some of the songs that first made her famous, like Smile and LDNBut there’s a newfound sober quality and sense of reflection here which is very moving. Three is, at its heart, very simple, but brilliant nonetheless. Allen’s next album, ‘No Shame’, is out on June 8th.

Bon Voyage Organisation – Soleil Dieu

You will note that this is from a French band, and I include this because of my love of the French language, but also because I am somewhat intrigued by Bon Voyage Organisation. They describe themselves as doing ‘science-fiction to dance to’, which is curious enough in itself, and this is a song which I listened to half in enjoyment, half in puzzlement as to where it would go next. If you click play with the same mindset, you may find that it is singularly strange (as I did), but that it also reels you in in its own way.

See also:

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Albums coming soon…

James Bay – ‘Electric Light’(18th May 2018)

Chvrches –  ‘Love Is Dead’, (25th May 2018)

Snow Patrol – ‘Wildness’, (25th May 2018)

Alex Nicholson


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