Kasabian – The Quiet Playlist

British rockers Kasabian released their new single You’re In Love With A Psycho on Friday, and their sixth album ‘For Crying Out Loud’ is out in late April. With this latest track a quieter, more melodic affair, I look at some of their lesser-known, more subtle songs.

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This song, from their debut album ‘Kasabian’, is a brooding affair which begins full of menace and eerie synth sounds, with lead singer Tom Meighan in full angst mode about having ‘lost control to higher forces’. I.D. showcases the band’s talent for different styles of music, whilst being oddly personal with the line ‘Music is my love’. This is a great introduction to the subtler brand of music that Kasabian do just as well as the heavy stuff.

The Doberman

From the Leicester rockers’ second album ‘Empire’, The Doberman has a much slower, more contemplative sound, as the band croon ‘They never had no future, they never had no past’. The song has a dark undercurrent powering it forward, and progresses to a cathartic, guitar-led conclusion, acquiring something of the Wild West towards the end. As it happens, this foreshadowed their future direction quite nicely.

Thick As Thieves

Thick As Thieves, from their third album ‘West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum’ (their best to date), sees the Wild West theme continued, with echoing riffs evoking the feel of cowboys in the desert. This musical tale, which appears to be about two friends, is a corker, and builds to a mournful, memorable end. Played frequently live but never released as a single, this is one of Kasabian’s best songs.

Man of Simple Pleasures

Kasabian have always been good at blending quieter music with old-fashioned rock, and this tune from ‘Velociraptor!’ does that very well. Man Of Simple Pleasures is also in the Western mould in terms of melody, but plays at being more thoughtful, talking about ‘not being taken for a ride’ and being ‘no-one’s fool’ all while being a brilliant rock song at the same time.


This, the last song from their previous album ’48:13′, finds Kasabian at their most melancholy and ruminative. It also features lead songwriter Sergio Pizzorno on lead vocals, which the band have been doing more often of late. His voice is very strong, and guides us through a nostalgic piece of music which Pizzorno reportedly wrote about Meighan.

It now only remains for us to see how Kasabian progress with ‘For Crying Out Loud’, and whether it will be heavy, thoughtful or a mixture of the two. The album is released on April 28th.

Alex Nicholson


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